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Work, smarter.

Fleet is the first totally mobile, totally integrated job scheduling and fleet management solution. Why waste time and money juggling your information across multiple platforms? Simplify your operation with Fleet and let us do all the heavy lifting.

All you need is an iOS device to run your entire business. Don’t waste time trying to manage fee-based, subscription payments for the "almost-mobile," web-based, and clunky SaaS solutions from the past. 

Adopt the future of work with Fleet. 


The future of work.

At your fingertips.


Empower your workforce.

We understand time is money, so we created a platform that minimizes work time while maximizing productivity. The end result is a happier, healthier, and more connected workforce. 

What makes us different than a typical job scheduling or fleet management software? For one, we understand the problem of having to switch between multiple programs to achieve a single result. Instead of juggling time-consuming procedures and having to input data arrays in multiple places, we offer a seamlessly integrated job creation, estimating, scheduling, and routing system — all in one.

Not only that, we feature a one-stop asset management, inspection, and preventative maintenance solution that works alongside the rest of the app to ensure you and your team are always up to date and in compliance with DOT regulations. With just a couple clicks, you’ll be able to provide reports at any time, anywhere.


Add job.

In 2 minutes or less.


"FLeet streamlined our bus service and saves me hours of valuable time every day."

— Kay, Claxton Bus Lines, Inc.


Fleet Management.

Actionable and meaningful vehicle profiles.


Two Brothers

 One Mission.

Work should be more aligned with the way we live and interact in our daily lives. Fleet simplifies the process of work by providing you access to information at your fingertips instantly, in a clean and intuitive user interface that reacts and functions how you expect. 

Business takes place among people and we aim to make this endeavor more interactive and fulfilling for all involved. We’re interested in improving the future of work and the future of transportation. The individuals working and transporting goods, services, and other people should have their business with them always, reliably, and at their service.