1. What makes us different than a typical job scheduling or fleet management software?

We understand the problem of having to switch between multiple programs to achieve a single result. Instead of juggling time-consuming procedures and having to input data in multiple places, we offer a seamlessly integrated job creation, estimating, scheduling, and routing system — all in one.

2. How do I pay for FleetRevolution?

You can pay by credit card or we can invoice you monthly or annually. It's up to you! No contracts. Just service and value for a set price.

3. How does the payment process work for FleetRevolution?

We use a "Pay-As-You-Grow" model. This means that you pay monthly (or annually) for the service which includes improvements like cool new features, upgrades, and general maintenance as well as support for whenever you need.

4. Will you be making FleetRevolution available on platforms other than iOS or tvOS?

Very soon! Because of the standard of quality maintained by Apple, we chose to build our service on this platform first. We are working tirelessly to introduce the Android version in the near future.


Our FAQ is under construction.

We are currently out there visiting owners, operators, and managers to ensure we're providing the best solution to the motor coach and motor carrier industries. Check back soon as we update the FAQ with real questions and answers based on these conversations.