1. Will you be making Fleet available on platforms other than iOS or tvOS?

No. We strive to maintain and cultivate a superior product - superior in quality, security, and user experience. Because of Apple's strict validation standards, we are able to guarantee functionality and accessibility across a stringently regulated array of devices:  iPhones, iPads, and AppleTVs. We trust Apple to supply a standardized and superior hardware while we provide you and your business with the world class software. 

Not only that, because all of your devices sync to iCloud and iCloud alone, we are able to ensure a degree of data security and management that other softwares cannot. This is important, as all of your records, logs, trips, and asset information are essential to the longevity and operation of your business.

TL;DR - We want to avoid you having to worry about hardware compatibility, functionality, or accessibility. We also do not want you to be concerned with the security of your business's data. Because of this, we use and privilege Apple and its products exclusively. 


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We are currently out there visiting owners, operators, and managers to ensure we're providing the best solution to the motor coach and motor carrier industries. Check back soon as we update the FAQ with real questions and answers based on these conversations.