Like a Window into Your Business



One Calendar to Rule Them All

Our calendar gives you a better understanding of projected workload and more effective use of downtime. You’ll be able to understand your business and improve your work efficacy by scheduling constructive downtime or adding new jobs to fill your week and increase your revenue. You’ll finally have a complete outlook on upcoming jobs and a clear understanding of how to grow your business according to your operation.


Driver + Vehicle Assignment

We were as shocked as you to discover that there were no reliable, mobile job-scheduling apps, so we remedied that issue. At the time of creating a new job, you can assign a driver and vehicle to the job. Big job with multiple drivers and multiple assets? No problem. Total oversight and control of your business is placed into the palm of your hand, literally.


Dispatch Feed

The dispatch feed is your customized view into the events happening around the clock with your business. Whether it's the addition of a new client to the client group, the completion of a DVIR, or an update to the service log for one of your assets by the mechanic. you'll know exactly as it happens in real time. Gain a clearer picture into the activity occurring within your business and allow your team the opportunity to feel more connected and knowledgeable than ever. 

Integrated Routes



Automatic Route Creation

No more convoluted mapping. All you have to do is begin typing out the names of where you're going or returning to or from, our powerful iOS platform does the rest.


Route Optimization

Traffic and roads are never predictable. With integrated route optimization utilizing the Apple Maps platform, we're able to provide the most up to date routes to and from where you're headed. 


Trip Logs

Trip logs are automatically generated for all of your assets from the time they've been assigned. Your Drivers are also recorded with trip info to make sure you're always able to go back and review the details and generate reports at a moment's notice.


Fleet Management



Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Consider your iPhone or iPad your virtual garage. With a built-in VIN decoder and individualized asset profiles, you'll always be up to date and knowledgeable about the condition and needs of your fleet. Need to order parts? Not a problem. Wondering when to schedule your vehicle's next maintenance cycle? Easy. We give you the tools to leverage your downtime productively while maximizing revenue generation.


Asset Profiles

Every asset has its own profile wherein you have total oversight over the important data points related to a specific vehicle. You can add parameters as needed to include additional information and switch an asset between active and inactive states to make it available or unavailable for selection in the job scheduling portion of the app. No more double bookings or last minute scrambles to assign a driver to a route. Everyone will be tuned in to their role.


Service Logs

Service logs are an essential part of knowing what has been accomplished for an asset, who worked on it, what was done and when. Owner/operators can check in at any time to review the latest updates on their vehicles and gain a better understanding of how their valuable assets are being deployed and maintained. Honed insights into the health of your vehicles ensures maximal uptime and productivity across the board. 

Inspection Reports

The app autogenerates inconspicuous QR codes for each asset, we supply materials at the time of setup. All you need to do is open the Inspection Reports, choose the relevant job and vehicle, and proceed to completing certified Class B CDL Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection Reports.



Open your device, begin the DVIR scanning procedure, ensure no defects are present at each check-in point, and submit. It's as simple as that. And it's certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.



No need to purchase expensive scanners or other outdated hardware. The process is part of the application and pertains to each trip. We guarantee you've not encountered a more intuitive and easy to use process.



Heavy fines can be crippling to your business. Out of service vehicles and losing authorization to run your entire fleet can be even more devastating. Let us help you simplify your path to compliance and keep you on the road.


All of your jobs, at your convenience.


Quote Cards

Know everything about your leads, upcoming jobs, and past jobs, presented in an easy to read, easy to understand format. The synthesized job-at-a-glance screen gives you and your drivers a complete outlook of the routes, relevant special instructions, the assigned vehicle, and more - all in a straightforward way. In the event of an impromptu DOT inspection, these certified packets of information can be easily accessed and presented, exported to PDF for email or to be printed in just a few presses of a button. 


Job Forms

Add a job in 2 minutes or less. Your sales and leads generation demand an update that works at their pace. Afford your team the opportunity to redefine their roles and generate more jobs than ever before. By making them totally mobile, they'll be able to perform on the spot creation of jobs when visiting new leads. When everyone is on the same team, common goals are achieved much faster. Allow Fleet to forge new inroads for workforce collaboration. 

Note:  depending on your industries and needs, we customize this portion of the app to suit your individual company profile. Motor Coach, Motor Carrier, School Districts, Moving, Towing, what have you. We have you covered. 


Know Your Business

Eliminate waste and maximize efficiency and productivity. Operating your business on our platform gives you the benefit of knowing everything that you need and want to know, and likely much more. We've deliberately designed the app to function as an extension of your thinking: never be out of the loop again. Principles of gamification have been utilized such that your experience is characterized by rewards for working productively and efficiently in your job scheduling and fleet management activities.