An all-star cast of the many in-app features that save time and money, optimizing your bus fleet management. FleetRevolution centers around logging and planning, two essential aspects of managing an agile fleet. 


Service Logs

Mobile logging for effective vehicle management. It keeps you running by keeping you compliant with DOT regulations. Logging has never been this good or this easy. It's built to work alongside your bus fleet seamlessly. Information, faults, reports, need parts? Look forward to saving time and eliminating paperwork. 


Trip Logs

Stay compliant and ready for an audit at any time. Trip information is stored automatically and can be retrieved at anytime, anywhere.


Route Planning

Create, optimize, and dispatch. A powerful route building, planning, and execution suite that can be set once to take care of recurring routes throughout the entire year. 


Trip Planning

Walk your driver team or prospective clients through the planning process implemented straight into the app. Take care of scheduling complicated school routes before the year even starts. Edit them, duplicate them, link them with your clients, it's the centerpiece of the app.