We aim to make the act of work less chaotic and more streamlined in an effort to disrupt the way things have always been done. We believe the relationship between fleet operators, fleet managers, and the software solutions that are intended to serve them very often fall short of the mark, usually with heavy and constrictive costs associated. No more.

A one time purchase guarantees that once you’ve purchased Fleet, we don’t believe you will want to use anyone else. We’re not interested in overpriced and confusing subscription-based applications. We believe that if you have a good product, it should be a straightforward process to obtain, use, and grow alongside that product. 

We intend to be active on social media platforms and field questions, comments, constructive feedback, and criticisms. We're interested in building the very best platform for the most people and to do that we need to hear from people working in the industry. We consider ourselves successful if our client base is successful by virtue of using our product. 

We look forward to building this relationship and providing the very best possible platform and customer service. For now, and for the future.

- The Team @ Magnolia Blooms